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Adopt-A-School 2016 in review: DEC conducts FGD with BNCES teachers

17 February 2017 by RLMendiola

Eight teachers from Bernaldo N. Calara Elementary School joined a focus group discussion with the Department of Educational Communication, College of Development Communication. Looking back at almost five years of Adopt-A-School partnership, faculty members and REPS of DEC, Dr. Edmund G. Centeno (chair), Dr. Mildred O. Moscoso (college extension coordinator), and Rikki Lee B. Mendiola (former DEC extension associate), sat down with teachers involved in AAS activities last year. 

In 2016, Adopt-A-School was able to provide creation of learning materials through EdCom courses (DEVC 144: Media-based Learning Systems; DEVC 145: Distance Learning) and NSTP-based assistance academic enrichment programs (literacy programs during summer and regular school days), in close consultation with the BNCES principal and teachers involved. 

Through this activity, the department was able to reflect on the progress of the partnership over the years an and surface issues that can be addressed in future activities.  The BNCES teachers shared their and their students experiences with CDC students ' notably the new approaches to learning: learning while having fun. Further, the group brainstormed on the future of the extension program through initial discussion of ideas on strategies for making a significant change through the activities, as well as making the program a sustainable one.

The focus group was joined by Elaine C. Malabuyoc (Grade V), Mara B. Eleazar (Grade V-VI), Imelda M. Mejia (Grade V), Derrick S. Alpahando (Grade IV), Ursula L. Magpantay (Grade II), Eladio I. Hernandez (IV-Rizal), Venus Fae C. Navarez (Grade III), and Rebecca P. Aquino (Grade II).

CDC started working with BNCES, one of the 13 public elementary schools in Los Baņos, Laguna, in 2012, through several educational assistance activities that optimize the use of communication media for learning. The Adopt-A-School program has become both a venue for public service and a  learning laboratory outside the University.