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CDC concludes first day of API workshop

25 June 2019 by CSBucu

The College of Development Communication concluded yesterday the first day of its academic improvement (API) workshop. The workshop will be conducted until June 26, 2019 at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay. 

On the first day of the workshop Dr. Milrdred Moscoso, chair of the Department of  Educational Communication, presented a draft proposal for the PhD course on monitoring, evaluation, and sustainability. After a discussion on possible revisions for the proposed PhD course, faculty in charge of the review of introductory Devcom courses presented the courses' percentage of overlap with Senior High School competencies. Their presentations also include proposed changes to both lecture and recitation classes based on the overlap, as well as feedback from students who took the course and other faculty who taught the courses. 

Among the introductory courses presented for revisions are DEVC 10 (Introduction to Development Communication), DEVC20 (Fundamentals of Development Journalism), DEVC 30 (Fundamentals of Community Broadcasting), DEVC 40 (Fundamentals of Educational Communication and Technology), and DEVC 50 (Introduction to Science Communication).  

Today's first session is for workshops on the introductory courses, followed by breakout sessions on new undergraduate courses. 

The API workshop aims to revise introductory Devcom undergraduate courses, propose two PhD courses, and draft teacher's guides for the following newly-instituted courses in the BSDC curriculum: DEVC 103 (Visual and Audiovisual Production), DEVC 127 (Data Journalism for Development), DEVC 128 (Science Journalism), and DEVC 155 (Knowledge Management for Development).

Participants in the workshop include CDC faculty; research, extension, and professional staff; and selected administrative staff.