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CDC student elected as 1st president of ASEAN University Student Council Union

16 March 2017 by KSGCatapang

A sophomore student of the College of Development Communication has been elected as the first president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) University Student Council Union.

John Derrick Ordonez, head of the CDC Student Council's Gender, Rights, and Equality Committee, is among the 13 Filipino youth sent by the Philippine government to participate in the 1st ASEAN University Student Council Union Conference scheduled on 13-21 March 2017. 

Implemented by the ASEAN Secretariat in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Center, the conference aims to bring together student leaders from different ASEAN universities to discuss leadership and peace in the region. 

In his Facebook post, Ordonez said that he believes his election is instrumental "in forwarding our calls for youth empowerment and in forging quality, relevant, and accessible education."
Elected vice president of the council union is a student from Cambodia, the secretary is from Indonesia, and the press relations officer is from Thailand.