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DDBT profs and REPS present papers in AP conference

17 November 2015 by MRFSRolle

     The Department of Development Broadcasting and Telecommunication (DDBT) faculty members and REPS presented their studies during the 13th Asia Pacific Conference held on November 7 to 8 at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Oita, Japan.

     With the theme, Societal Transformation in Asia and the Pacific: Charting the Waves of Change, the conference aimed to understand, explore, and manage the process of societal transformation in the region.

     Dr. Ma. Stella C. Tirol, chair of the Department of Development Broadcasting and Telecommunication presented her study about  e-learning as a vehicle for social transformation: evidence based results from the Philippines. 

     Ms. Juvy Leonarda N. Gopela, university researcher, presented her study on the adoption of genetically modified corn technology and the economic changes among farming families in Iloilo, Philippines.

     Dr. Benjamina Paula G. Flor discussed her study on exploring the potential of community media for climate change resilience through societal transformation towards the new normal in the Asia Pacific region. Dr. Flor's study was awarded as Best Paper during the closing ceremonies. (JLNGopela)