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Dean Velasco presents CDC's accomplishments and challenges from 2012-2018

16 July 2018 by CBucu

CDC Dean Dr. Ma. Theresa Velasco presented accomplishments of the College of Development Communication (CDC) during her term that started in 2012 and to end this year. The presentation was held last July 11 at the CDC Lecture Hall and presided by University of the Philippines Los Baņos (UPLB) Graduate School Dean, Dr. Jose Camacho Jr. 

According to Dean Velasco, her term from 2012 to 2016's vision and goals are in line with the administration's vision of UPLB as as a globally competitive graduate and research university contributing to national development. In particular, it focused on CDC as a globally relevant and competitive academic institution in development communication, which proactively promotes inclusive and sustainable development among communities in vulnerable sectors. 

Dean Velasco presented her accomplishments in terms of three main targets: sustaining academic leadership, utilizing UPLB's knowledge and technologies toward inclusive growth, and creating an enabling environment for creativity and innovation. Accomplishments under those targets were rated, wherein she gave 5 stars for the highest. 

Among the accomplishments with the highest rating are those under sustaining academic leadership, such as the ASEAN University Network (AUN) accreditation of CDC, making the college the first social science course to be accredited in the whole UP system according to Dean Velasco. The CDC has also been the recipient of the center of excellence in development communication twice, for the duration of Dean Velasco's term. Her administration was also able to fine tune the BS Development Communication curriculum to make it ready for the K-12 transition and to ensure that it was AUN compliant.  Also rated highly was the CDC's continued management of the Collaborative Change Communication for Development global portal, which made the college a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) hall of famer or among FAO's permanent list of partners. This was under the administration's target on utilizing the University's  knowledge and technologies toward inclusive growth. For the administration's third main target, creating an enabling environment for creativity and innovation, the acquisition of multimedia equipment for Dito Sa Laguna (a development-oriented cable TV program produced by the Department of Development Broadcasting and Telecommunication) and other CDC laboratories were among the highly rated accomplishments. 

In terms of challenges, one of the elusive targets of Dean Velasco is elevating the Philippine Journal of Development Communication to Internation Scientific Indexing status. Other works in progress to be continued by the next administration are the adaptation of blended learning as a model of delivery for graduate courses and development of Massive Online Open Courses for development communication or communication for development. Another hurdle of CDC for the past few years is the installation of new DZLB tower and transmitter, due to budget and bidding issues. But nonetheless, there is already an available budget acquired during Dean Velasco's administration and the College continues to work on it. 

The presentation was wrapped up with Dean Velasco's sharing of the college's push for the establishment of the CDC multimedia training, research, and development center, intended to be built at the current CDC parking and will be connected to the CDC annex. Dean Velasco also once again expressed her gratitude to the key people in everything that has been accomplished during her term, including  the Assistant to the Dean aProf. Marifi Magsino, Admin Officer IV Lisa Banasihan, College Secretary aProf. Hermilea Marie Castillo, department chairs, and members of the CDC executive committee.

 Afterward, Dean Camacho  began the open forum with his first question for Dean Velasco, regarding the most challenging issue she encountered. Dean Velasco found the procurement process most challenging. "You really have to go through the hoops and the rules change from time to time," she said. One example is the DZLB tower and transmitter procurement, which due to administrative matters, remains a work in progress at the end Dean Velasco's term. Another challenge that she noted was the workload of everyone in the college, particularly the faculty who are often very busy. She found this situation difficult in terms of encouraging everyone to sit down and write'pertaining to pending publications. 

But altogether, amidst the challenges, she cherishes her six years of deanship and expressed how she truly worked for it. " I really worked for it and I hope I was able to give you my best during the last six years," she shared.  

The audience also inquired about how Dean Velasco's term provided programs for the the welfare of devcom students, as well as her parting words of advice for the next CDC dean. Dean Velasco said that CDC was one of the first few colleges in UPLB to conduct mental health awareness programs. She was later joined by Assistant Professor Castillo, as College Secretary, and Assistant Professor Montemayor, as chair of  the CDC Committee on Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency, in imparting the college's initiatives and support for students' academic endeavors, as well as their safety within the college.

As for the next CDC dean, Dean Velasco had imparted this: "One thing I will advise the next dean is be mindful of the opportunities to be siezed; Hindi ibinibigay sa yo, hindi yan inihahatag sa kandungan mo; Kailangan bukas ang mata, isip, at tenga mo, sa lahat ng opportunities na pwede para sa kolehiyo. [Not everything will be given to you nor will opportunities fall on your lap. You have to keep you eyes, mind, and ears open to all opportunities that the college can avail.]"

Toward the end of the program, Dean Camacho formally introduced the members of the search committee and opened the call for nominations for the next CDC dean. With him as committee chair, he was joined by the following members: Dr. Nina M. Cadiz, former director of OSA and currently on sabbatical leave; Dr. Simplicio M. Medina director of Office of Institutional Linkages; University Researcher at the College of Agriculture and Food Science'Agricultural Systems Institute, Dr. Hospicio Natural; University Student Council Chair John Joseph Ilagan; Committee Secretary and Graduate School administrative officer Marie Cris Supleto; Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs administrative officer Jocelyn Cortez; and UP President's Representative to the committee, the secretary of the university and board of regents, Atty. Roberto Lara.

Dean Camacho also presented the schedule of the search process, the criteria and requirements for nomination, and changes in the original schedule among other matters. He emphasized that the most crucial date at this point of the search is the deadline for nominations, which is due tomorrow, July 17, 2018.

(For more information on the search process for the next CDC dean, read this ARTICLE or contact Dr. Jose Camacho Jr. at the UPLB Graduate School.)