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DEVC 136 class organizes university caravan on HIV/AIDS

10 May 2017 by CSBucu

A forum that aims to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS among the Filipino youth was held on May 3 by DEVC 136 Section CD-1L in partnership with the AIDS Research Group of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). Entitled "Hi, V! Gusto kitang makilala," the forum was conducted at the DL Umali Hall and attended by students from different universities and colleges in CALABARZON.

The forum featured short films produced by students to communicate the life-threatening outcome of contacting HIV through various means, including unprotected sex and sharing of needles among drug users; a panel discussion that delved into misconceptions, prevention, and available support; and a testimony from an HIV-positive individual-- the "V" in the activity's title-- that emphasized the importance of awareness and protection.

The panel was composed of Dr. Rosanna Ditangco, head of the AIDS Research Group of RITM; Prof. Satwinder Rehal, international health expert and professor at the UP Open University and Philippine Women's University; and John Derrick Ordoņez, head of the Gender Rights Committee of the CDC Student Council. The discussion revolved around breaking misconceptions regarding HIV/AIDS, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among peers, and providing support to afflicted individuals. Each segment of the panel discussion was introduced by video clips produced by DEVC 136 CD-1L students and a short film entitled "Bakit Ako?" by students from De La Salle Dasmariņas.

In his opening remarks, DEVC 136 CD-1L instructor aProf. Winifredo Dagli enlightened the audience as to the rationale of the activity. He also mentioned that with CALABARZON placing second among regions with the most number of reported HIV cases, next to the National Capital Region, the activity is all the more relevant and timely. He added that the rise in the number of cases of the past few years, especially among youth, sparked initiatives such as this event. To reach a greater number of young Filipinos, the RITM's AIDS Research Group plans to adopt the multimedia plan, branding, and communication strategies used in "Hi, V!" into a nationwide university caravan.

According to aProf. Dagli, RITM's university caravan is now being reworked into this multimedia campaign called 'Rated Let's Talk About You and Me.' "Social media is at the heart of the campaign. We also explored an experimental formal for [Dito sa Laguna] DSL as we searched for more people-centered and innovative treatment for a community TV," he added.