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Devcom alumni research presented at the national conference on rice

19 September 2017 by CBucu

BS Development Communication graduates Donna Cris Corpuz (BSDC, 2017)  and Jerome Barradas (BSDC, 2013) were among the researchers whose studies were presented at the 30th National Rice R4D Conference conducted last September 5-6, 2017.

Corpuz, who graduated last semester and a thesis advisee of  aProf. Garry Jay S. Montemayor, presented her undergraduate thesis entitled "Evaluation of the Infomediary Campaign in Corazon C. Aquino High School, Gerona, Tarlac" during the conference held at the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) Central Experiment Station in Muņoz, Nueva Ecija. She is currently works at the PhilRice's Development Communication Division. 

The concurrent session where Corpuz presented her paper was moderated by another Devcom alumnus and PhilRice Development Communication division head, Dr. Ronan Zagado (MSDC, 2006).

Barradas, on the other hand, co-authored the study  "How will you help farmers?: Students' intermediary roles in agri extension," which was included in the conference's poster presentations. He is currently a Junior Specialist for Communication and Coordination at the International Rice Research Institute. 

Assistant Professor Montemayor, Department of Science Communication chair at the College of Development Communication (CDC), also attended the national conference on rice.