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People - Faculty & Research and Extension Personnel

NameRoomContact No.Email
Anarna, Kamille Anne C.
Substitute Faculty
108B( 63 49) 536-3697View
Bucu-Flores, Catherine S.
DDJ, University Extension Associate II
Cabrera, Liza A.
DEC, Assistant Professor
110B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 201View
Calub-Bautista, Jyasmin M.
DDJ, Assistant Professor
202B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 402View
Canubas, Aletheia G.
DDJ, Assistant Professor 1
210 B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 401View
Carpio-Serrano, Lynette B.
DEC, Assistant Professor
101B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 201View
Castillo, Hermilea Marie C.
DSC, Assistant Professor and College Secretary
101A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 101View
Catapang, Kabzeel Sheba G.
DDJ, Assistant Professor and DDJ Chair
201B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.401View
Centeno, Edmund G.
DEC, Assistant Professor and DEC Chair
107B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 207View
Chico, Mark Lester DM.
DDBT, Assistant Professor
201-A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 301View
Custodio, Pamela A.
DDJ, Assistant Professor
209B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 409View
Custodio, Rhodora Ramonette DV.
DEC, Assistant Professor
108B( 63 49) 536-3697View
Dagli, Winifredo B.
DSC, Assistant Professor
110A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 110View
Daya, Romel A.
DEC, Assistant Professor 4
109B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 209View
Eleazar, Pamela Joyce M.
DDJ, Assistant Professor 1
201b536-2511 loc 401View
Embate, John Mervin L.
DEC, Instructor 7
Felicidario, Sherwin Joseph C.
DDBT, Assistant Professor
203A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 303View
Flor, Benjamina Paula G.
DDBT, Associate Professor 1
204A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 304View
Francisco, Rosa Pilipinas F.
DDJ, Assistant Professor
202B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 402View
Galang, Ryan Jay I.
DDBT, University Research Associate II
Garcia, Laila M.
DEC, Substitute Faculty
Gopela, Juvy N.
DDBT, University Researcher
212A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 308View
Jamias, Serlie B.
DDJ, Professor and Vice-Chancellor, UPLB Office of the Vice-chancellor for Community Affairs
208B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 408View
Lim, Aldo T.
DSC, Assistant Professor
108A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 108View
Llarena, Elaine D.
DSC, Assistant Professor
101 A 63 49 5362511 ext. 101View
Lomboy, Olga C.
DSC, Assistant Professor 2
105A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 105View
Magsino, Marifi T.
DDBT, Instructor 7
206A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 306View
Mendiola, Rikki Lee B.
DSC, University Extension Specialist I
Mendoza, Trina Leah T.
DDBT, Assistant Professor
206a536-2511 loc. 306View
Montemayor, Garry Jay S.
DSC, Assistant Professor and DSC Chair
110A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 101View
Moscoso, Mildred O.
DEC, Assistant Professor
110B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 210View
Ordan, Lester P.
DDBT, Assistant Professor
Osalla, Ma. Teresita B.
DDBT, Assistant Professor
202A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 302View
Pine, Elijah Jesse M.
DEC, Instructor 3
106 B206View
Quebral, Nora C.
Professor Emeritus,
204B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.404View
Roble, Joseph Lydio R.
DDBT, University Extension Specialist I
Suva, Madeline M.
DDJ, Associate Professor
207B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 407View
Tatlonghari, Rosario V.
DSC, Assistant Professor (on study leave)
105A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 105View
Tirol, Ma. Stella C.
DDBT, Associate Professor and DDBT Chair
211A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 311View
Torres, Cleofe S.
DSC, Professor
104A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 104View
Velasco, Ma. Theresa H.
DSC, Professor and CDC Dean
103A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 405 or direct line ( 63.49) 536-3356View
Villar, Ricarda B.
DDJ, Assistant Professor 1
210B(63.49) 536-2511 ext 410View

People - Administrative Staff

NameRoomContact No.Email
Almazan, Jaime M.
DO, Property Custodian
203B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.403View
Arlegui, Nenita D.
DDBT, Media Production Assistant
212A(63.49) 536-2511 ext.312View
Atayan, Rodolfo C.
DO, Custodian
213B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.403View
Banasihan, Elisa S.
DEC, Administrative Asssistant and Department Secretary
113B( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 213View
Cabrera, Charito C.
DDBT, Administrative Assistant and Department Secretary
205A( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 305View
Canonio, Geronimo T.
DDBT, Radio Technician
208A(63.49) 536-2511 ext.308View
Centeno, Niel M.
DO, Custodian
101A(63.49) 536-2511 ext.403View
Escobin, Venancio P.
DEC, Artist Illustrator
112A(63.49) 536-2511 ext.106View
Estimado, Romeo C.
DEC, AV Technician
113B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.213View
Madridano, Milagros M.
OCS, Administrative Assistant
103B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.202View
Maningas, Mario B.
DEC, Photographer
106A(63.49) 536-2511 ext.106View
Moliņawe, Nelia B.
OCS, Administrative Assistant
OCS(63.49) 536-2511 ext.202View
Ocampo, Dante P.
OCS, Student Records Evaluator
104B(63.49) 536-2511 ext.203View
Remoquillo, Bernabe M.
DEC, Administrative Assistant 2 and Artist Illustrator
211B(63.49) 536-2511 ext 411View