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Sherwin Joseph C. Felicidario
DDBT, Assistant Professor


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"Basta Sherwin, sure win!"

Winning slogan or not, this is what Sir Sherwin is well-known for. His light and quirky disposition truly makes him a fun "boss" of the young and talented CDC Web Development team. A former student assistant and member of the CDC Webteam himself, Sir Sherwin graduated in 2002 with Science Communication as his major in Devcom. One of the founding members of the award-winning UP SIBOL, he was involved in CDC projects such as Isang Bagsak Southeast Asia and Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study before being hired as University Research Associate under the Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication. He then transferred to the Department of Science Communication as University Extension Associate and Systems Administrator in 2006.

As the current Project Development Associate of the UPLB Information Technology Center and Coordinator of the CDC Web Team, this "mango-hater" has proven from time to time that he has the light and meaty side of an intellectual equation. Friends consider him as what Malcolm Gladwell (in his book The Tipping Point) refers to as the "maven." You ask other people how much an $11 item costs in pesos and they say, around P500. But ask Sherwin and he'll gladly add in more details than you need: "buying rate today is P43.95 per dollar but given the business landscape this week this figure may decrease in the coming days... when are you planning to have it shipped?....(whew!). Whatever the explanation it is to certain problems, it's really a "sure win" from Sir Sherwin.

Room: 203A
Email: reveal e-mail address
Contact No: ( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 303

Consultation Hours

First Semester (August until December 2016), AY 2016-2016

Tuesday, 1pm-4pm
Wednesday, 8am-10am
Thursday, 10am-4pm
Friday, 1pm-3pm
If you want to set an appointment, email