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Edmund G. Centeno
DEC, Assistant Professor and DEC Chair

Sir Ed

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Major fields of specialization:
Development communication, educational technology; instructional design; e-learning; photography; visual design; video production

BS in Development Communication (major in Science Communication) - University of the Philippines Los Banos (1999)

MS in Development Communication (cognate in Information Technology) - University of the Philippines Los Banos (2007)

PhD in Educational Communications and Technology - Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (on-going)

Visiting Scholar - Deptartment of Educational Technology, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, University of Northern Colorado, USA (June - December 2013)

Room: 107B
Email: reveal e-mail address
Contact No: ( 63.49) 536-2511 ext 207

Consultation Hours

2nd Semester, AY 2015-2016

8-12 TThF