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FAQ: OCS: How do I file for a Leave Of Absence (LOA) if I am currently enrolled?

  • Write a letter of request indicating your reasons for filing a leave of absence. The letter must include your parent's signature. Submit it to the Office of the College Secretary (OCS).
  • You will then be issued a LOA form by the student records evaluator (SRE).
  • Present the LOA form to all of the instructors of all subjects you are currently taking and have them sign the LOA form.
  • Accomplish your college clearance.
  • Bring the LOA form to the cash division at the administration building and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Return to the Office of the College Secretary and submit your LOA form. The college secretary will then approve your leave of absence. OCS staff will also distribute notices of approval of LOA to concerned teachers.

last updated 8 years ago