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FAQ: MatchUP: Should I use SystemOneV2 or MatchUP?

To clarify, MatchUP is only an application that connects to a dedicated SystemOne server. It helps ease the burden through load balancing. While the implementation is not perfect, this helps distribute workload across multiple machines.

When the SystemOne server is slow or down, so is MatchUP.

MatchUP is currently installed in two locations: MatchUP @ CDC and MatchUP @ ICS Dev server. MatchUP @ CDC may support features that are not supported in the ICS Dev server. For instance, MatchUP @ CDC has a schedule generator in which students can make their desired schedule using a featured called "DreamUP."

As of writing, there are features in SystemOneV2 that are not supported in MatchUP. This includes PE Planner, NSTP Planner and view Checklist. Students who would like to change PE or NSTP, or view Checklist must use SystemOneV2 to make these transactions. CDC students may still view their grades online by signing in to the Devcom website.

MatchUP is recommended for users with slow Internet connection because it consumes less bandwidth. However, MatchUP is not designed for use on mobile phones. Mobile SystemOne was created for optimal use on mobile phones. It may be accessed in the ICS Dev server.

UPLB students (regardless of college) may use both SystemOneV2 and MatchUP. This is a matter of preference. Aside from MatchUP, there are also other applications installed in the ICS Dev server like Mobile SystemOne. Visit for more information about these applications.

last updated 7 years ago