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FAQ: GS: What is the application procedure for the UPLB Graduate School?

Step 1. See if you meet the minimum qualifications

If you have a Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree (4-year degree course) or its equivalent from any recognized institution.

If you are a Doctor of Philosophy (Regular PhD)
Master's Degree or its equivalent from any recognized institution.

If you are a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD by Research)
Master's Degree or its equivalent from any recognized institution. Five (5) years of experience in research beyond the Master of Science degree. Published at least three (3) papers (excluding the M.S. and B.S. theses) in refereed scientific journals, at least two of which the applicant must be sole or senior author in the field he is applying for.

Non-Regular Admission
Bachelor's Degree (4-year degree couse) or its equivalent from any recognized institution.

Step 2. Secure/Download Application Form and Recommendation Form

For MS/Regular PhD/PhD by Research, download or secure a copy of GS Form No. 1 (Application for Admission form) and GS Form No. 2 (Recommendation Form) at the UPLB Graduate School Office. For non-degree admission use GS Form No. 1a (Application for Non-Degree Admission form).
Fill-up the application form. For those applying for MS/Regular PhD/PhD by Research ask the persons you asked to recommend you for graduate study to fill-up GS Form No. 2. Application for MS requires two accomplished recommendation forms from your former professors.

Three accomplished recommendation forms are required for application to Regular PhD/PhD by Research. Each recommendation letter must be placed in a sealed envelope and sent directly to the UPLB Graduate School, handcarried by the applicant or a representative in a sealed envelope or a pdf file emailed to or

Step 3. Attach required documents and fee

Transcript of records
One original and one photocopy for each degree you indicated in your GS Form No. 1 / 1a. It must have an English translation.

TOEFL score
TOEFL score of 500 or better taken within the last two years is required only for applicants from countries where English is not the medium of instruction and/or not the native language.

Submit one copy of the official score report issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Please request ETS to send your TOEFL scores to the University of the Philippines Los Baņos-Graduate School. You may send a photocopy of your scores to facilitate processing of your documents. However, the result of your admission will not be issued unless we receive a copy of the official score report from ETS.

Applicants granted admission and whose TOEFL scores are below 500 are required to take the English Proficiency Examination (EPE) prior to registration. Performance in the EPE will determine the required Intensive English for Foreign Graduate Students (IEFGS) the applicants has to take during their first semester of enrolment.

Fee (nonrefundable)
PhP500 for Filipino Citizen and US$40 for internationals. A copy of bank transaction should be submitted to the Graduate School.

Recent photo
Attach one copy of your recent photo (colored 2"x2") to the application form. Please use paste or glue.

Additional requirements for those applying for the PhD by Research program
- Certification from the immediate head of the agency, that the applicant has at least 3 years of satisfactory research experience.

- Reprints or copies of the applicant's publication/s (at least one) from reputable journal(s). The applicant should be the senior or sole author of at least one of the papers.

- Photocopy of the MS diploma.

- A capsule of a research proposal which shall include the title, rationale, objectives, methodology and references.

Step 4. Send application forms and documents

Send completed GS Form Nos. 1/1a and 2 to the UPLB Graduate School through post, through email or submit personally together with the required fee and documents. Due to the poor print quality of faxed documents, we will not accept documents sent through fax. Your application shall not be acted upon unless the required fee and documents are received by the Graduate School on or before April 30 for the First Semester (June) admission or September 30 for the Second Semester (November) admission.

Policy regarding submitted papers
Documents submitted to the Graduate School pertinent to application become a permanent part of the University files and cannot be returned to the applicant.

Step 5. Wait for the result

The applicant will be notified through mail and email. If no email has been received this means that the application is still on process.
Applicants (for MS/Regular PhD/PhD by Research) who are admitted are classified in one of 2 groups: regular, for students who have met satisfactorily the minimum requirements for the particular discipline; provisional, for students who have certain deficiencies which may be corrected by prescribing additional requirements. The provisional admission is valid for one term only. During the first semester of residence, students admitted on probationary basis should register at least 9 units of courses with graduate credit in his field of specialization and should obtain a weighted average grade of 2.00 or better.

Notification of Admission
Letters of admission for MS/Regular PhD/PhD by Research will be sent out beginning March 1 for the first semester admission and August 1 for the second semester admission. Letters of admission for non-regular admission will be sent before or during regular registration.

The admission process is not complete until the admitted applicants acknowledge their admission by sending back to the Graduate School a duly accomplished acceptance card.

Deferment of Admission
An applicant who cannot enroll in the semester for which admission was offered may send a written request (or send the accomplished acceptance card) to the dean of the Graduate School to have his admission deferred for a period not exceeding one year. If the request is approved, the student cannot register for graduate course work as a non-degree or special student in UPLB while his deferment is in effect.

Deferment fee of PhP200 for Filipino citizen or USD15 for foreign nationals will be charged.

last updated 6 years ago