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FAQ: OCS: How do I change my matriculation?

  • Present your student ID at the Office of the College Secretary (OCS).
  • The student records evaluator checks (SRE) the records on your Form 5.
  • You will then be issued a Form 26 by the SRE.
  • Have all concerned instructors sign your Form 26.
  • Have your adviser sign your form 26.
  • Return your Form 26 to the OCS and have the SRE check your plan of study and the pre-requisite/s of the subject/s you want to enlist in or the subjects you wish to cancel.
  • The college secretary will then approve your Form 26.
  • Bring your Form 5 and Form 26 to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) for assessment.
  • Bring your Form 5 and Form 26 to the cash division at the administration bldg. and pay the corresponding registration fees.
  • Return to the OUR for stamping of your Form 5 and release of class cards.

last updated 8 years ago