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FAQ: OCS: How do I force enlist my recommended subjects?

  • Go to the Office of the College Secretary (OCS) and present a copy of your initial schedule.
  • You will be issued a Form 1 by the OCS staff.
  • Fill out the form with the required information and return it to the OCS.
  • The student records evaluator (SRE) will check your plan of study and the pre-requisite/s of the subject/s you want to enlist in.
  • Get back your Form 1 from the OCS after it has been approved by the college secretary.
  • Proceed to InfoTRU located at Rm. 109 at the College of Development Communication bldg. and present your Form 1. A CDC enlistor will enlist you in the courses which you have specified in the form.

last updated 8 years ago