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18 September 2010 by RPFFrancisco

18 September 2010 by JMBLapis

12 September 2010 by MBGammad

After more than two weeks of preparation via the Online POS, the sophomore students submitted their major Plan of Study to the Office of the College Secretary. The Online POS service was closed at exactly 4 p.m. on Aug. 27. Presented here are statistics on the number of students in terms of majors, "other major courses", technical electives and social science electives chosen. In terms of chosen major field of study, Educational Communication had the most number of students this year with ...
20 August 2010 by MVASantos

The College of Development Communication (CDC) will be using the Online Plan of Study (OPS), the first and only Plan of Study automation in the University to date. The system was opened on Aug. 12, a day after Major Problem, a sophomore orientation about the different majors in CDC. For this semester, about 140 sophomore Devcom students are expected to use OPS.The system simplifies the process by automating form creation through dropdown boxes and a drag-and-drop interface. When a student ...
7 July 2010 by MVASantos

New FeaturesDevCom has recently improved its website in time for the registration, which started on June 1. Students are now required to update their profiles online before claiming their Form 5s.This new registration requirement gives the instructors easy-access to their students' profiles online. Since profiles are easily updated online, students no longer need to notify instructors of changes in their personal information. The records and the ...