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7 July 2010 by MVASantos

New FeaturesDevCom has recently improved its website in time for the registration, which started on June 1. Students are now required to update their profiles online before claiming their Form 5s.This new registration requirement gives the instructors easy-access to their students' profiles online. Since profiles are easily updated online, students no longer need to notify instructors of changes in their personal information. The records and the ...
27 June 2010 by [G] MVPAranas

"It's not bringing games in the classroom. It's what can we take from gaming that can change the classroom," explained Christian Anthony "Chanot" Cangao, recipient of the 2009 Best Undergraduate Research Award in the College of Development Communication. Looking back, Cangao shared that he wanted to study something that has something to do with gaming, gaming being one of the things he was strongly passionate about. His study entitled "Learning as an Adventure: ...
20 June 2010 by [G] AJPAmata

Four faculty researches and two BS Development Communication (BSDC) undergraduate researches will be presented at the 19th Asian Media Information and Communication (AMIC) Annual Conference to be held at Suntec City in Singapore on June 21-23, 2010. This year's conference is themed "Technology and Culture: Communication Connectors and Dividers". Mr. Garry Jay S. ...
1 June 2010 by OCS

You are not allowed to ENLIST in more than 20 units, if you were given 21 units in your preliminary schedule for the 1st Semester 2010-11, please cancel one subject immediately. Likewise, probationary students are not allowed to enroll in more than 15 units of academic subjects.Please be reminded of the prerequisites of the following DevCom courses: 
  • DEVC 80  - DEVC 20, DEVC 30, DEVC 40, ...
19 May 2010 by HMCCastillo

Please be advised that DEVC 199 C2 has been moved from WEDNESDAY (10-11am, LR2) to FRIDAY (10-11am, LR2). There are 15 students enlisted in DEVC 199 C2. Please make sure that this is not in conflict with your other courses. Thank you.