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Speaking of Devcom 2018: Conversations with Devcom's Finest

23 September 2018 by CHLazaro

The College of Development Communication, in partnership with the CDC Alumni Association, will hold "Speaking of Devcom 2018: Conversations with Devcom's Finest" on October 10, 2018, Wednesday, 2 pm, at CDC Lecture Rooms 1 & 2, UPLB. 

The event is an annual seminar honoring CDC's notable alumni and their valuable contributions in the field of development communication. This year's categories for the awardees are: children and women's rights advocacy; agricultural communication; community broadcasting; peace education and communication; and development communication education and community relations. 

The 2018 CDCAA awards list include Dr. Serlie B. Jamias, Ms.Sylvia Katherine Lopez, Dr. Rogelio Matalang, Atty. Vida Verzosa, and Prof. Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph. Knowledgeable and distinguished in their respective fields of expertise, the awardees will share their wisdom, professional experiences, and inspiring stories from their years of journey as development communication practitioners.

The seminar is open to all CDC students and alumni. A live stream of the event will also be posted through the official CDC Facebook page