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1 August 2013 by ABalinos


College of Development Communication




We would like to invite you to visit the College of Development Communication in UPLB, the CHED Center of Excellence in Development Communication (2012 - 2014). We welcome visitors, preferably during Mondays when there are no classes, so we can provide a tour of CDC facilities. To schedule a visit, kindly follow the guidelines below:


A. Two (2) weeks before the visit:

  1. Write/Email/Fax a letter of request addressed to:




College of Development Communication

University of the Philippines Los Baņos

College, Laguna


Please indicate in your letter the following:

            Itinerary of your field trip (with schedule)

            Number of members of the visiting party

            Contact details of the person in charge (email address, mobile, and telephone numbers)

Also, kindly attach a list of the names of people in the visiting party and their email addresses.


  1. We will respond within the week you sent your letter acknowledging the receipt and approval of your visit.
  2. Should you have any concerns, contact Ms. Aiza M. Balinos at ( 63.49) 536.2511 local 300 or send her an SMS at  ( 63) 917.848.2384. You may also fax your letters to ( 63.49) 536.3697.


B. During the day of the visit:

  1. We expect the visiting party to come on time.
  2. However, if it cannot be helped, kindly update the College of unexpected changes in your schedule.
  3. Notify us when you are around 15 minutes away from UPLB.




Visitors who wish to be scheduled on a weekday aside from Monday, or those who need to move the day of their visit to those days, are also welcome. However, they would not be given a tour in and around the college, and the program might be conducted informally because classes are being held during those days. Likewise, visitors who sent a request letter on short notice (i.e. less than 10 working days before the visit) might be entertained informally.


Thank you for considering visiting the College of Development Communication.

We look forward to sharing with you what we do at CDC.